installation restaurant application

For clouds installation , for the first you must need order a clouds hosting and then extract on zip resto web app folder, and upload on your web server using FTP on cpanel hosting,and then the application on progress installation with configuration and connect to the databased, now we must create new databased on mysql databased, and import databased folder on new mysql database, after database is finish progress import, you can configure connection file and conected to the database.

Z resto web app on clouds

After all progress and procedure for installation on the clouds is finish, now you can visit your web apps on you web browser, and then login with user name and password , with installation on clouds you can work this apps on your smartphone like android iphone and others, for point of sale we recomended use windows OS for the best configure and integration with pos hardware like receipt print and cash drawer.

Option order for clouds installation : you can order the apps only with do the installation yourself , or order space databased only accsess the apps from we website , or complete package apps + website with accsess apps on your own website .


installation restaurant application

If you wan to install this apps on offline mode you can use a desktop version mode installer, for the first you need third party application for install the application on your pc, by use offline installation you can use this application just for single stand alone pos, for installation on desktop offline you must need install xampp and run xampp on your local machine server , and then you need open a localhost/phpmyadmin and create new mysql databased, after create new you can import the zresto.mysql file on your new mysql databased,after import you need configure the connection on apps with your new databased, after you configure the connection you can use this apps on your dekstop pc or laptop you use it.

Work Z resto app on desktop offline

After finishing the installation now you can accsess this application on your web browser for terminal server just on offline mode, no need internet connection , now you can login with username and password and work work with this application.

Option order on offline desktop mode you can just order the apps for using on your pc desktop or laptop you use for transaction.

restaurant online application pos

Z Resto Web Apps

Modern restaurant application for small restaurant cafe food and drink shop.

Clouds connected OS