How to use Z resto web app , lets get started now.

Finishing Installation

For the first you must finishing the installation before use Z resto web apps or you can read installation guide →

Get Started

Introduction a features and decription knowladge for usage on web app.

User'sFor create a new user, and use for user login.
Menu'sFor register menu for food or drink on your restaurant cafe.
Point of saleTo create transaction point of sale on cashier.
ReportList a point of sale transaction report on here.


Add new

For create new and register databased.


For editing a databased


For deleted databased.


NOTE You must create and register all database before using point of sale cashier transaction.

User databased

Features and menu for user databased, on this features you can create new , edit or delete user account, this menu use for login z resto web app.

Add NewFor register and create new user including user login and password apps.
EditFeatures for editing and update user account.
DeleteFor delete user from databased system.



Name,Address ,and info is an a personal information for user databased.


Username is a username use login to z resto web app.


Password is security login for user account on resto web app.

NOTE do not tell the login password to others.

Features to register food and drink menu's on your restuarant cafe.

Add NewFor register and create new menu food and drink's including category group menu's.
EditFeatures for editing and update food and drink menu.
DeleteFor delete food and drink menu from databased.



For fast transaction on POS you need to grouping menu's by categories menu.


By default you can grouping menu on sixth categories menu, like food , ice , hot , combo , snack and others.


Default image on menu point of sale display is 4:3 so you need resize image menu for make fit image.

NOTE Don't forget to grouping menu by categories and resize image menu.

Point of sale

Features for use cashier register point of sale for transaction with customer.

OrderThis is form for check out transaction customer order.
Menu'sFor fast transaction you can use menu categori to search a menu by categories or use search form.
OutThis features for shutdown and log out from transaction cashier.



For transaction just select menu order and insert qty order,then click cart menu for save order.


After save order you can the order save on checkout menus, you can use (x) for deleted menu , (-) For minus qty of order , (+) for add qty order.

Payment & Print

After all order is finish you can click checkout button on checkout menu's , and then click print to print out receipt ,and save transaction after you print out receipt.

NOTE Don't forget print out receipt and then save transaction.


After all transaction you can check your list of sale on report details to check your income and profit in report menu, and then click view to view details transaction point of sale cashier.


Z resto web apps is support with all pos hardware like receipt printer and cash drawer, you just need to instal driver printer and use it for point of sale cashier transaction .

58 SeriesPOS receipt printer with width 58mm, this is a mini thermal printer.
76 SeriesThis is a pos printer dotmatrix , you can use with two or three duplicate paper.
80 SeriesThis is a auto cutter thermal printer , fast for print receipt including auto cutter.

Clouds Print

Z-Resto Web Apps is use clouds print technology so you can print out with all receipt printer .


For the best solutions clouds printing for print out receipt transaction use google chrome with z resto web app.


You must have install the printer before use clouds printer, and then you can use cloud printer list and select for default printer.


For best display print out you can customise on google cloud print and adjust your size scale and margin fit it with your receipt printer.

Cash Drawer

For connected cash drawer with receipt printer , just connect the drawer cable to receipt printer, you can setting cash drawer out automaticly before or after print out from receipt print


You can order our package POS hardware integration with Z resto web app, free installation and setting ready for you use transaction.