mobile restoran apps

SIP Resto web app installation

Use username waiters and password 123456 for test drive demo

Test Demo
mobile restoran apps

This restaurant application the best solutions to install it on clouds , with clouds installation make easy to accsess this apps from multi device connected, so you can using this apps and work with your staff using a mobile phone smartphone tablet laptop or pc desktop.

security system technology using password and user name for protection , this is very secure for using this apps many protection we use it, on databased we have protection , on clouds host we have protection , on apps you must login with username and password.

And if you need using this apps with offline mode you can use it, just connected with your web server local machine XAMPP then connected with mysql databased and run this apps on your PC desktop or cash register point of sale , with offline mode this apps can be using for standalone POS System.

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SIP resto apps build with bootstrap