mobile restoran apps

How to work with SIP Resto web app

Use username waiters and password 123456 for test drive demo

Test Demo
mobile restoran apps

For the first you must login with username and password on this restaurant apps,after login you can create a user account for register all staff like waiters or cashier for working with this application restaurant , and then you can create grouping by category product , and create food or drink menu for sale on your restaurant.

mobile restoran apps

After all databased menus finished, now you can use transaction on point of sale menu. on this POS display you must select table for customer,just click the table number and create order in here, for using waiters order you can select menu like food or drink what customer order, and after note the order you can click open table to use new transaction , and for print ticket with your receipt print we recomended using google chrome with clouds printer to print out order, after print ticket now you can click save to save the payment , after click save now the table is empty.and you can order again on this table. For change the table just click change table and select where customer table change,and the system is automaticly change on the new table with detail customer order.

mobile restoran apps

All point of sale transaction save on the report, and you can check detail profit sale list in this menus.

Select Documentation menu

Lets check how this apps use on smartphone, just click link

Mobile Resto Demo →

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