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multi shop store point of sale app application online

July 13, 2020

multi shop store point of sale app application online

Special for multi-store multi-store shop anywhere, with a centralized databased on the backoffice server, makes it easy to control the accounting of stock checks and branch turnover checks globally, simple and complete features perfect multi-outlets for use.



Store application, online cashier application with a multi-branch system in one based provides you in monitoring detailed branch branch reports both inventory inventory up to the need to check income earnings per branch anywhere and anytime in real time.


SIMPLE COMPLEX The most complete feature is branch and user registration via admin backoffice to branching needs with a split based supplier of product customers with barcodes to a sales menu with minimum stock alerts available for branch store outlets. PRODUCT DATABASED each branch certainly has a different product so for that there is a split based feature for branching store databased makes it easy to input databased products that support barcode technology to speed up bookkeeping and cashier transactions. IN STOCK the need to carry out in-stock inventory to replenish the amount of stock makes it easy that becomes stock and is used at the cashier’s point of sale. POINT OF SALE Cashier sales are easier with the need for a simple post display and support with the use of laser barcodes or via automatic search to help speed up the process of cashier sales transactions. BRANCH REPORTS Check branch branch turnover monitoring through sales listings and earnings details per branch is available for auditing and monitoring of bookkeeping income per branch store for summary report needs. INVENTORI MANAGEMENT Ease of inventory inventory management control per store branch stores made easier through the backoffice admin server. OMSET INCOME PROFIT REPORT DETAILS Detailed reports of income per branch, shop store, outlet and global store make it easy to audit the detailed income of all branches and global.

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