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July 13, 2020


The best solution in recording the needs of credit installments and customer receivables by using this online application, equipped with inventory inventory management, postal sales with cash cash transaction features, tempo, credit to installments makes it easy to record bookkeeping.

modern cool online point of sale


The store application, the online cashier generation application with the latest up-to-date display method makes it easy to use via the retina display which adjusts access via Android smartphone andorid desktop PCs or laptops and tablets in operation.DATABASED A complete database in the need to enter and register selling products including the amount of inventory makes it easy to input and register product requirements, complete with brand categories to sell products. PRODUCT Ease of input and registration of complex sales products with the need for inventory inventory management, initial stock quantities and inventory updates, selling price ,support product names and photos.

New Point of sale apps

POINT OF SALE Super simple point of sale for use transactions. PAYMENT Super complete sales by recording the customer’s contact name to the type of payment such as cash or credit with installments to facilitate the implementation of sales through credit with installments.ALL REPORT DETAILS The ease in checking bookkeeping summaries and reports increasingly makes the perfection in checking reports for your audit and monitoring of your books more easily in supporting your work.BACKOFFICE DASHBOARD Admin backoffice dashboard provides various administrative needs through the online shop cashier post application to use.NEW GENERATION MOBILE POS APPS This time to upgrade with mobile pos on the go digital revolutions !!

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